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After two years of constant use and observations of Tweaker Ver.1 in various live/recording situations, amukaT Gadgets went back to the Isolation Booth Studio in NYC and created Tweaker Ver.2. Re-designed circuit and parts layout in a horizontal aluminum casing. The often abused Momentary Switch is now made of sturdier metal, a US navy surplus. A very versatile pedal that can be used as classic/modern gnarly fuzz, booster to drive your tube amp, or an all out monophonic noise generator, Tweaker is the most bugged out stompbox that is actually musically/sonically usable.



FUZZ: Controls the amount of distortion. Back off on the Fuzz knob and bring up the Volume knob to use the pedal as a booster that pushes your amp to overdrive. This knob also alters the oscillation sound characteristics.

VOLUME: Controls the overall volume. Tweaker has a huge amount of available gain, so don’t think you have to have it up at max all the time. This knob is also an oscillation controller.

FEEDBACK: Changes the amount of Feedback that creates the oscillation. This knob is activated when the Feedback ON/OFF switch is set to ON.


TREBLE/BASS: You can get two distinctively different sounds out of one instrument plugged in. The Treble sound cuts through the mix and the Bass setting preserves the low end, creating fat fuzz sound.

FEEDBACK: When set to ON, the Feedback circuit is engaged and the oscillation kicks in. When set to OFF, the Feedback circuit is activated only when the Momentary Switch is pressed.

MOMENTARY SWITCH: This playable switch is activated when the Feedback switch is set to OFF. The oscillation sounds are heard only when this switch is being pressed.


  • The volume knob on the guitar acts as another oscillation control.
  • Connect a volume pedal between the guitar and the pedal for foot oscillation control.
  • The Tweaker uses two BC109C Transistors. Germanium transistor version is available on request.
  • True Bypass.
  • Some settings would make the Tweaker sound like a Ring Modulator.
  • Pulsing Tremolo sounds can be achievable by some settings.
  • Infinite feedback sustain can be obtained by dialing in the knobs just right and by pressing the “Momentary Feedback On” button.
  • Octave up and down sounds can be created.
  • Experiment with connecting other effects such as a wah-wah before or after Tweaker.


Use 9 volt battery or center minus 9 volt AC adapter with 2.1 mm plug. Access the battery compartment by removing the 4 screws on bottom. Be careful not to damage the screw holes. Remove the plug from the input jack when not playing to conserve battery. When the AC adapter is plugged, the battery is disengaged.

Optical Expression Device:

The "Optical Expression Device” can be hooked up to the Tweaker. It acts as a light sensitive oscillation controller.  You can also hook it up to any other effects with an expression out.

The "Optical Expression Device” is sold separately from amukaT Gadgets.





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$199+Shipping (Paypal, Checks, Cash accepted)

Please contact amukaT Gadgets at info@amukat.com to initiate an order.


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www.pedalGEEK.com Toll Free Help/Orders: 1-866-505-GEEK (4335)


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