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Optical Expression Device is especially designed to work as an external oscillation control for Tweaker.

Optical Expression Device also works with other commercially available effects with an expression pedal jack. Unlike ususal expression pedals, the Optical Expression Device uses a Light Dependent Resistor to control the sound.




Mono In: Plug your instrument when using the Optical Expression Device with the Tweaker. If the Optical Expression Device is used with other effects with an expression pedal jack, do not plug anything to Mono In.


Mono/Exp. Out: Plug into the input of the Tweaker or the expression pedal jack of other pedals. Most expression pedal jacks are stereo but some expression pedal jack, such as the Line 6 series uses mono. Use an appropriate cable.
On/Off Switch: Turns on or off the Light Dependent Resistor circuit.
Light Dependent Resistor: Use a flashlight and your finger to control the range of light hitting the Light Dependent Resistor to control the device.

No power is necessary.

Optical Expression Device is made completely by hand in New York City using the highest quality parts.


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