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Artist:Gene Janas & Takuma Kanaiwa Artist:amukaT awianaK
Title:G&T Play the Music of Marc Edwards Title: nothing above 5kHz album or sleeping music for A.K.  
Format:Online Exclusive Format:Limited Edition CD-R  
Year:2012 Year:2013  
Artist:Takuma Kanaiwa Artist:Takuma Kanaiwa
Title:Pegado Aficionado Title:The Lemurian Sounds  
Format:CD Format:CD  
Year:2007 Year:2004  
Artist:Glen Brown  
Title:Jahova Come/World Conference    
Format:7" Vinyl (45 RPM)    
Year:2001 (Label: Aksismundi)    

Artist:Tomchess & Takuma Kanaiwa Artist:Daniel Carter & Takuma Kanaiwa
Title:becoming an apperance Title:Shyunbun No Hi, 2008  
Format:CD-R Format:Online Exclusive  
Year:2004 Year:2008  
Artist:Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut & Takuma Kanaiwa  
Format:Online Exclusive    
Artist:Takuma Kanaiwa Artist:Takuma Kanaiwa
Title:Selected Dub Tapes Vol. 1 Title:Selected Dub Tapes Vol. 2  
Format:12" LP Format:12" LP  
Year:1995 Year:1996  
Artist:Kozminot Artist:Ayler Records Session
Title:Kozminot Title:Live at the Gallery  
Format:CD-R Format:Online Exclusive  
Year:2005 Year:2009  
1 1  
Title:Collaborations ft. Alan cage of Quicksand, Akim Buddha, Jammi York, Glen Brown and more    
Format:Online Exclusive    
Artist:Unknown Artist:SHURDUT / KANAIWA
Title:Alto & Fallen Angels (for Joe McPhee) Title:SHURDUT / KANAIWA  
Format:Other Music Online Exclusive Format:Other Music Online Exclusive  
Year:2008 (Label: Deep Cleansing) Year:2008 (Label: Deep Cleansing)  

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